Friday, May 7, 2010

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What a great way to end a week! With new friends, old friends and a little bit of Friday Follow, some Friday Fragments and New Friend Friday.
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Mommy's Idea
I assume that when I'm blow drying my hair, flat ironing it and getting myself ready to leave in the morning that the kids will be okay. Normally everything is good. Little E is watching television and Miss K is making her bed and playing with the dogs. But yesterday turned into a catastrophe. Needless to say, I am out of an expensive hurricane candle burner that involved a hula hoop.

I really kicked it up a notch at the gym last night. I did my new routine of 5 minutes cardio, 20 minutes weight training followed with 20 minutes of cardio on the bike. Oh my gosh. I was pouring sweat in buckets and when I got to the locker room my face was beet red! I may just reach that goal by my birthday!

I guess it was a good thing that I was not wearing my headphones in the gym. The Kid's Korner called my name over the loud speaker. I get to the kids play area and the girl tells me I have a "little present". Oh great! I took Little E to the bathroom and pulled back his underwear to find them empty. Empty except for skid marks. Needless to say, he either passed some gas (he will knock you down with those) or he told her he went potty. I really don't know.

I have about 30 days until I quit working. I was supposed to be done by June 4th but they have asked me if I could possibly stay until the 11th. I'm getting more relaxed as the days get closer.

My husband is vacuuming, washing and detailing my car on Saturday for Mother's Day! I'm so excited! The kids can really turn the backseat into a dump. Let's hope they help daddy get the job done.

I really need to find the time to squeeze in a pedicure before I head to Pensacola on May 21st. I haven't paid for one in about a year. I usually just do them myself but this is a special occasion. Maybe I shouldn't go? Have you ever spent the money on getting your feet softened and then go swimming in an in ground pool? The cement takes your nail polish off!

I am currently at 99 followers. Who will be my 100th?

If anyone out there can tell me or give me the directions, I'd love to start doing product reviews. Who do I contact? Do I just start reviewing things and companies will contact me? How does this work?

I had a spiritually uplifting conversation this morning with my sister in law. It strengthens me to know that I'm making the right choices. It's a tough world out there.

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Tylaine said...

Good for you at the gym!
That's funny about your son! I've done that with my baby. I'll get all the wipes ready and stuff and open up the diaper just to find it was some wicked gas :)
Go for the don't usually get an excuse to pamper yourself :)
Happy Mother's Day!

Joy@TPMG said...

Treat yourself to the pedicure, you deserve it! I wish I was as motivated to get to the gym.

If your interested in starting product reviews, join The Product Review Place(companies post pitches directly on their site at Pitches from PR) and The Mom Bloggers Club (online community of mom bloggers) has a group for women who do product reviews. They have tips, etc. They can also answer any questions you have.
MyBlogSpark is a great one also. Sign up and they contact you directly with campaigns. There are a bunch of others. I can send you a list if you want or if you have any questions.

I'm stopping by from FF:)
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Hi there! Friday following :)

We 2 Bees said...

I haven't had a pedicure in years! How fun! And what a nice gift to have your car cleaned!
Have a wonderful Mother's day!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Happy Friday! What a lovely family you have! Have a Blessed Mother's Day!

Cyndy Bush said...

My 2 youngest are 9 and 10 and I still can't seem to leave them unattended without a disaster occuring!
I'm visiting from Friday Fragments. =)