Thursday, May 6, 2010

Global Explosion

Global Fusion Hurricane
Iridescent glass mosaic tiles are hand-applied on glass by skilled artisans. as described on the Partylite website.

I fell in love with this candle holder when I attended my first Party Lite party. The consultant proudly displayed this "bad boy" in the center of her display table allowing us ladies to admire it's beauty. She went to explain that if we booked a party and we sold enough candles that we too could earn enough cash to buy one of own. I couldn't sign up fast enough. Four weeks later I was throwing my own party and pushing sales to get enough to buy one. Three days after my party was over my consultant gave me the good news, I had enough to buy the Global Fusion!
When it arrived in the mail a few weeks later I couldn't wait to find it a place to sit. Standing at 12 inches high it doesn't fit too well on small shelves and I didn't want it too high because it is a candle holder. For a year it sat on top of my 3 shelf bookcase in the dining room. This year after a second candle party I bought the Trio Votive Holder set. I moved the GF to another shorter bookcase in he dining room and displayed the trio in it's original place. I guess this wasn't a very wise idea.This is what happens when you combine a 2 1/2 year old with a hula hoop in the house. I didn't cry and I didn't yell. I just got the broom and dustpan and started cleaning up. Little E told me that he was sad. I felt bad that he was sad about it, but I was sad about it too. What was done was done. That hula hoop was sent to the room. I am not done with that toy. Anyone want a light up hula hoop? FREE to good home.